November 23, 2015

For more information contact Richard Feeny at Community Boating. (774) 929-6018

Boatbuilding With CBC
Build a Boat! Help us build a real boat that can be rowed and sailed. In the spring, after it is built, choose a color scheme, paint it carefully, and then come use it. All are welcome. Drop in. No fee.

  • Who? New Bedford Community Boating Center, Inc. and You
    • Age: Recommended for grades 5 and up.
  • What? Using the Building To Teach program we will build a 12-foot rowing and sailing boat.
  • Where? Andrea McCoy Recreation Center
  • When? Begins January 4th 2016 and runs Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 3-5 p.m.
  • Outcome? Students use math, teamwork, problem solving, and perseverance.  IMG_1800

The Building To Teach program, developed by Joe Youcha at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation and supported by the Office of Naval Research, uses the hands-on building process to help students improve their math skills, but much more: They learn planning, communication and responsibility in addition to measuring, practice with fractions, and practical geometry. They discover abilities they didn’t know they had and gain confidence. And, they learn math and come to see it as a useful tool in their lives. If you teach math and want to engage your students at a deeper level, come build with us!

Building Project:
Bevin’s Skiff – Bevin’s Skiff is a 12′ flat bottomed skiff that can be rowed or sailed.

  • The Bevin’s Skiff was specifically designed to be a teaching tool
  • Skiffs like this are handsome, useful and fun. Over a thousand have been built around the world.


We help students develop comportment, engagement, concentration, preparedness, confidence, and perseverance. The cultural completeness of the maritime setting enables students to address philosophical, historical, language, arts and STEM subjects simultaneously.