Today the 2017 sailing season at CBC came to an end–we pulled all of our floats out of the water.  Every year this is a difficult project to organize because it can only be done at high tide and with special equipment.  In order to haul the floats out, we need a higher tide than we need to put them in, so we’re limited as to possible dates.  This year was the first time we used large wheels to haul out the high profile floats.  Taber, our operations manager, designed the wheels so that the telehandler can lift one side of the float just off the ground and the other side can roll.  The wheels worked perfectly!  CBC has four high profile floats, which are 18’x18′ (and weigh about 7500 pounds), and 21 low profile ones, which are 6’x18′.  Though it was cold and damp, the weather was in our favor, without much wind to cause trouble on water or land.  The goal every year is to get this process done more efficiently than the last, which we’re happy to report was achieved this year!

Thanks to all of the volunteers who came out to help out!