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Sea Lab

Three Days and the Ocean! School has now begun at the new Jacobs Elementary. As the faculty and staff relocated, Community Boating Center was asked to join collaborates such as Buzzards Bay Coalition, Mystic Aquarium and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center at Sea Lab...

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Rainbows: Magic or Science?

Rainbows: Magic or Science? Yesterday, the CBC Staff  observed an incredible display of nature. Rainbows colored the afternoon skies of New Bedford, literally stopping traffic in front of CBC, as passengers stopped to enjoy the view. Rainbows are one of the most...

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Annual Appeal

Humanity has always believed that water has healing and transformative powers. Throughout time, civilizations have looked to the water for physical harmony, spiritual guidance, and wisdom. Biologist Wallace J. Nichols believes we all have a “blue mind” and that water...

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Float Haul Out 2017

Today the 2017 sailing season at CBC came to an end--we pulled all of our floats out of the water.  Every year this is a difficult project to organize because it can only be done at high tide and with special equipment.  In order to haul the floats out, we need a...

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Halloween 2017 at CBC

CBC was open for Halloween this year, with tricks and treats out on the lawn!  Our students from Nativity Prep and Alma del Mar enjoyed some Halloween themed activities while they were here and some of our friends from last summer came by to visit in their costumes. ...

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Fall Sailing at CBC

Fall Sailing at CBC By Adilson This fall I was able to sail through Community Boating Center. I had amazing opportunity to be able to sail in the Charles River; having a blast sailing with friends and meeting new people along the way. It was a beautiful site to sail...

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Community Boating Center Inc,

Community Boating Center of New Bedford (CBC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which teaches positive life values to youth through boating.

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